Kings have no friends.


Littlefinger, the prototypical "friendzone" guy. He needs to stay 357845794857 miles away from the next woman.

Petition for the next female Littlefinger interacts with to be Nymeria.

People want to feel sorry for everybody else in Game of thrones, but why not Petyr Baelish? Unjust things happened to him in his young life and turned him into what he is. I see why you don't like him, but can you feel no compassion for him?



Ok, ok, serious answer behind the cut.

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$20 says by “unjust things” anon means Cat refusing to sleep with him.

The tone, consistency, characters, and plot of the last two books will probably be affected by the show.


Yeah, this was what I meant by “put aside”

Yeah, this was what I meant by “put aside”

Do you think Stannis euthanized Proudwing after he was told to get a new hawk?

Why would you…

No? He probably just put the poor bird aside and got a new one (Maesters Cressen and Pylos, anyone?)

Aegon is Ilyrios son


There is WAY more to the story of Ned Stark and House Dayne than we have gotten so far. (You name the heir to the house that goes back 10,000 years after the man who may be responsible for the deaths of the gorgeous daughter and the greatest swordsman alive... Gotta call bullshit right there.)

Yo if this is for that agree/disagree meme, then I’m sorry, you missed the window. Not doing that anymore because some of y’all sent me some truly disturbing stuff.

His real name is Edric, for what it’s worth. As in Storm. He just goes by Ned. Youthful rebellion? Is he like Lord Fowl, that idolized Robert for killing his grandfather? Who knows.

Dragons are Bad News.


Finally through them all! Queued up the last so I’m not choking your dashes. That was fun.

Let’s never do it again.

If Jorah killed Daenerys there would be one giant clusterfuck....


I think the Sand Snakes are highly overrated so far.


Lyanna both ran away and was kidnapped- she went with Rhaegar initially of her own free will, but was kept trapped in the tower after word of her family's murder and the war hit.


Myrcella is dead


When/if Tyrion and Dany meet, Tyrion will expose her to the readers as a bad/irresponsible leader, and won't think she'll make a good queen in Westeros.


Benjen is dead.

Agree. Disagree. I’M BREAKING THE RULES.

He’s dead, yes. Because he’s Coldhands.