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Re: your comments about show vs. book. Whenever people ask me for my favorite character of ASOIAF/GOT I usually say Book!Cersei and Book!Catelyn to avoid associating with their show counterparts so you could do that for your Baratheon tattoo.


I could, yes, but my feeling is that I shouldn’t have to. I got the tattoo because Stannis is a just, loyal, humorous, amazingly complicated character. Now, when people see it, they ask if it’s for ‘that lame guy that’s mean to the pirate and slept with that creepy Red Woman.’


TLDW: Game Of Thrones 4x03

theoldgods replied to your post “The Valonqar II: Valonqarder”

also i cracked up at this post title tbh

There’s something you may not know about me, Kit. I am always up for making a Die Hard reference. Mostly because Die Harder is one of the stupidest subtitles this side of “Electric Boogaloo”

The Valonqar II: Valonqarder

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osney isn't mentioned in that part, no. it comes kind of out of nowhere, she thinks that margaery looks like loras and then 'the queen wondered if they had other things in common. our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day'. i actually think the show is doing more to hint at it than the books, especially with her interactions with brienne this season. idk i'm not saying it's canon, or anything. just possible. but then i am queer so maybe i'm biased.

Oh, my bad. No, not at all, there’s definitely hints that she could be. Which if so, her family using her as a bargaining chip is infinitely worse (which is sad enough that I think GRRM would do it). I’m just saying, let’s wait until we’ve got a more…neutral narrator to say something about it than Cersei.

I think I’m going to try to write something that isn’t controversial for a change.

I’m a little burned out on controversy.

Now I just have to think of something.

about the margaery thing: i've never thought of her as exclusively interested in women (she flirts with one of the kettleblacks), but i think it's very easy to read her as queer. i mean, there's cersei's line about how much she has in common with loras (which i know is cersei's pov, but i don't see what the point of putting that in there would be if she was 100% hetero), plus her 'pretty girls' line from grrm's s3 episode. they just seem like weird things to include if she is totally straight

Considering some of the other things Cersei thinks in her POV (like, that Kevan had sold her out to the Tyrells), I always take her opinions with a shaker of salt. Plus, wasn’t that line about her and Loras after she wondered if that’s why Osney had failed to seduce her?

What are your thoughts on Margaery being a lesbian? I've been seeing it a lot on my dash lately and it's news to me.


Well, when I first read that Margaery sleeps with a different one of her ladies-in-waiting every night, I had to reread it in order to get that no, it actually meant sleeps. I don’t know, Anon. It would explain a few things, but there’s already a perfectly valid explanation on the table. Read my Growing Strong essay for more Tyrell thoughts.

"Groups from Essos have conquered Westeros four times— the First Men, the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the Targaryens." What's your thoughts on this? Do you think that Dany will take over more of Essos for example Bravos


I can’t see Dany taking Bravos. Bravos is also anti-slave trade. (They’re also anti-Targaryen, and if you believe the theory that Jaqen is stealing a book of dragonlore so that they can slay a dragon, then you can see why she’d be wise to steer clear anyway.

Now that I’ve cleared Lauren’s name for something that *I* wrote…

Let me respond to being labeled a “Tywin apologist”.

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Thomas, now I am a “Tywin apologist” because of that reblog :|

If everyone would please note that stannisisthefury's arguments about Tywin & Elia are not are a good representation of my own arguments about Tywin & Elia.

I have said repeatedly on this blog that Tywin is a war criminal. I have said repeatedly on this blog that Tywin is a despicable human being. I have said repeatedly on this blog that Tywin should be held responsible for the crimes committed against Elia, regardless of whether he ordered them.

Apparently Lauren is now catching shit for my opinions. This is a dumb thing, and the people doing it are wrong to do so.

If you have a problem with what have to say in a reblog, please, for the love of all that is sane, direct that problem to me, not to the Original Poster.

It pains me that I have to spell this out.

Why are you so mad that the adaptation is "screwing up" the books? Just read the books! It's not like HBO is retroactively changing the original text to match their stupid decisions.


Do you really want to know, Anon? It’s very simple. Yes, the books are the books. And I love the books. Possibly more than I’ve ever loved any series of books, and this one isn’t even done yet.

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HI, I just finished reading your wonderful meta on the matter of Tywin’s involvement with Elia’s death. Whilst I agree with everything you say, I have to say I think there’s also another matter you haven’t considered. You said

The rape… even you will not accuse me of giving that command, I would hope. 

This part of the conversation made me do a double take when I first read it, because of course Tywin orders the rape/sexual assault of Tysha and Tyrion, yet he seems almost … mildly disgusted by Elia’s rape. 

Would you like to hear my opinion?

Sure! I’m always happy to talk about Tywin, and I think that quote definitely allows for multiple interpretations. (Though just to note, I’m at school all day today, so any response from me might have to wait until later in the week, unfortunately.)

Mind if I take a crack at it? What follows may be triggering, so enter at your own risk.

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So both Winter is Coming and Fat Pink Castreblogged your esquire article. Do you feel tumblr famous yet ? You should give FPC a listen. I know you interact with Miss on fuschiagroaning and she is on 2 of their casts. And they're funny

I do, and I don’t recommend it. It’s tiring being a big name fan (if you’ll pardon my hubris). And yeah, I’m so far behind on Podcasts and stuff lately, that I haven’t had a chance to check them out at all. One day though.