Kings have no friends.





Please note Sophie smacking Natalie’s bum repeatedly in the background.

and natalie just lets her, doesn’t even turn around

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Why did you stop looking for Benjen? (x)

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Are you always waiting like readers of the books for certain moments to air to see the audience freak out? (x)

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How much of Renly's treason do you lay at the Tyrells' feet? Mace Tyrell reminds me of Otto Hightower in determination to see his daughter queen and grandson king no matter how many bodies he has to crawl over. (He wanted /Joffery/ for his baby girl/).

I think Renly was a pretty opportunistic fella himself. He saw that the realm would have a choice between him and Stannis, and that he’d have the army to conquer as he saw fit…

But yeah, the Tyrells probably pushed him a little.

Doesn't tryion or jaime remember the lion as an old toothless one who wasnt any (in regards to the cersei lion story)?

I don’t remember. Though I think you’re thinking of the mutterings of Tytos’ bannermen about toothless lions. You’d have to ask Butterfly.





Do you think the Lannisters could have any latent affinity for warging with lions? Cersei recalls a moment in her youth where she jumped into a lion's pit to show off and was totally unharmed by the beasts, and lions aren't exactly tameable.


Ha! No, I think that’s probably just dumb luck. We haven’t heard a word of that kind of thing.

She sticks her hand into a cage and pets one. She doesn’t leap into a damn pride.

George R.R. Martin on why he won't be writing for Game of Thrones season 5 - Watchers on the Wall

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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I think the Prologue POV will be Maester Creylen, the maester assigned to Casterly Rock, since the pattern goes someone Beyond the Wall, then a maester: Will, Cressen, Chett, Pate, Varamyr. Maybe Euron sends troops to raid Lannisport and Creylen dies?

…George said Jeyne would be in the prologue, and she’s on her way home to the Crag. Also, Pate wasn’t a Maester. I honestly think that the ‘pattern’ is a coincidence.


Saturday, July 26, 2014: the day I attempted constructive engagement with a person who tagged a post about me with “go back to licking Stannis Baratheon’s asshole.”

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We haven't met Howland Reed yet.. but I kind of want him to win the throne. If he's not the coolest, I'm gonna be soooo disappointed, I kind of pictured him as a greener Bloodraven.

I mean, prepare to be disappointed. He’s probably going to be a Wise Old Man (even though he’s not old) that will give us an info dump on Jon Snow. But I doubt he’ll be Gandalf the White.


natalie dormer

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What are your thoughts on Jeyne Westerling making an appearance in the TWOW-prologue?

Dundun dunt dunt dunt. Another one bites the dust.

Wait, they’re keeping Areo Hotah? He’s the most pointless character in the Dornish arc. They kept Areo Hotah, but cut Arianne?