Kings have no friends.

Oct 1

I just wanted to say that when I first read the books, I could not STAND Stannis, or most of the Lannisters for that matter. While I still love my Wolf and Dragon, you and JoannaLannister have given me a fondness for the Stag and Lion that borders on obsessive.

That’s funny, because I had very little interest in the Starks or Targaryens when I first read the series.


a list of popular ASOIAF theories/predictions that make me roll my eyes

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Could you please watch Preston Jacobs vids and poke holes in them?


Is he the Dornish Master Plan guy? Man, that sounds painful. Yeah, fine. Eventually. Right now I’m writing a seven pages and counting brick on Secret Targaryen children.

In one of the Preston Jacobs videos, which are otherwise amusing but crackpot theories, he makes an interesting point about Tywin's supposed plan to ambush Ned by using the Mountain to attack the Riverlands and draw Ned, not Robert, out. Given that this plan relied on Tywin knowing Robert was on a hunt at the time of the attack, how did Tywin also not know Ned was also injured (which occurred prior to the hunting trip)? Is this a mistake by Martin or Tywin, or was the plan something different?


Either A) Jaime neglected to mention he’d quarreled with Ned, or B) he didn’t know about the hunt OR the injury, but Tywin figured attacking Tully lands would certainly draw Ned out WITH Robert, and the Mountain could kill them both?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why didn't Balon rebel during Robert's Rebellion or directly afterwards? Surely it would have been a good time to make some land gains/ attain independence when the rest of the realm was distracted or weakened.


He rebelled about…five(?) years after Robert, for the exact reasons you suggested! And there are no stupid questions, Anon. Only stupid people. And you, wise enough to ask for help, are no stupid person.

Your character rumblings are amazing Man never sell yourself short because enough people are already ready to do that for you. The majority of the population could never come close to what you have done.


This is the nicest message I’ve ever received from this site.

What did you think Grenn did to end up at the wall? Also I'd just like to point out that I don't have a tumblr account but I have your site saved in my bookmarks and check it daily (so do my friends that I've shown it to, your character rumblings are amazing and incredibly detailed.l, we all agree) thank you Thomas for all the effort you put into this!


Effort is a strong word, but you’re welcome! Um. I get the sense Grenn was a volunteer? Maybe Yoren hit him with a line like he did Edd. But I think it was probably more “Hey, three hots and a cot.” and Grenn said sure.

It would explain why Pyp’s always calling him stupid.

Who is your favorite member of each of the Great Houses, past or present?


Urgh… I hate questions like these.

Bran Stark
Jaime Lannister
Maekar Targaryen
Arianne Martell
Catelyn Tully
Who even are the Arynns? I guess Jon? I don’t like him or Robert, and Lysa is a Tully.
Asha Greyjoy
And, of course, Stannis Baratheon.

What if Benjen returned with news of Mance?


Then Bran and co. would have been fucked, because Benjen is totally Coldhands.

With my Drogo question I was asking if you thought he'd defeat the armies of the Seven Kingdoms? The rape add on was just alluding towards how it would change Danys opinion off him because she kind of turns a blind eye to what he actually was with his death.


Yeah, probably. He never lost a fight, after all. And the realm was fractured already. And Dany’d probably speak out against it, and Drogo would indulge her. For a while. Then, once she’d had Rhaego, he’d probably grow tired of her objections, and things would go very badly.

Can you explain the Jeyne Westerling situation to me? Was she instructed by her mother and father to sleep with Robb when he took the Crag? Didn't the Westerlings have this planned with Tywin in order to break Robb's oath? And this is probably why the Westerlings weren't given the Castamere treatment for betrayal?

No, she wasn’t. But once she had, her mother wrote to Tywin to hatch her betrayal, and keep any heirs from being born. Her brother was in on it too. But the rest of the family was definitely not in on it, because Jeyne’s brother was killed at the Twins. Sybelle is explicitly angry at not knowing about the Red Wedding.

And it’s funny you mention them being “given the Castamere treatment for their betrayal.”, because Tywin literally gives them Castamere for their betrayal.

I love that you are doing what ifs! What if Bran died from his fall orrrrrr what if he remembered what caused his fall? Thanks for the time mate


If Bran dies from his fall, Cat would be devastated, but the Lannister-Stark tension doesn’t reach tge level it did quite as fast. And also, the realm is doomed because their wizard is dead.

If he remembers, then Ned doesn’t have to read that boring ass book, but everything else, sadly, probably plays out the same way.

Love your insights! What if Khal Drogo hadn't been poisoned and actually ridden the wooden horses across the end of the world? How much rape would Dany of put up with?


Probably not a lot?

What's the deal with Jon going Stewards? If Thorne did it to get back at him then why did the Old Bear choose him to groom if he didn't have the qualifications?


Well, Jon ASSUMES that it was Thorne getting back at him, because he thinks it’s a punishment. Probably Jeor tapped him for his steward, and Thorne laughed at Jon for not getting his dream job.

Had the Red Wedding never happened and Robb was able to beat back Tywin, how would that affect Stannis' plans? If Stannis was already at The Wall, do you think he would try to use Jon as a bargaining chip to get Robb to bend the knee?

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